Dinner Menu

Greens & Things

Soup & Bread

Today's soup, house bread


Sapalta Salad Half / Full

FLX greens, Lively Run Feta, house pickles, white beans, plum dressing, croutons

$9 / $15

Smoked Salmon Salad

House smoked salmon, steel cut outmeal salad, Maggie's micro greens


Party Starters

Bread Butter & Jam

House bread, Kreimhild butter, plum jam



Flour tortillas, FLX pulled chicken, Red Gate chorizo, Muranda cheddar, Habanada salsa


FLX Cheese & Meat Board

Cheese: Muranda cheddar & blue cheeses, Lively Run chevre Meats: Artisan meants Landjager, Thuringer, Buendnerfleisch


Sheldrake Moon

Lively Run "Sheldrake Moon", double cream, brie style cheese, baked and oozing from its rind, dried apricots, plum jam, house bread & crackers


Main Courses



House plum jam, garlic, Red Gate bacon & ham, house mozzarella


Seared Chicken Breast

Cheese risotto, steamed spinach, chardonnay pan sauce



Hand-rolled potato pasta, red sauce, Muranda Lady of the Lake cheese


Grilled Pork Chop

Mashed Kennebec potatoes, plum glaze, Cab Franc applesauce


Stuffed Portobello

Grilled vegetables & pesto, roasted red pepper sauce, Muranda Lady of the Lake Cheese


50/50 Burger

Half grass-fed FLX ground beef, half pastured FLX ground bison, seeded bun, greens, tomatoes, Muranda cheddar, wedge cut fries, ketchup, dijon.


Pan-Seared Mahi-Mahi

Cheese risotto, pickled shallots & parsley butter


Steak and Mushroom

Roasted garlic cream, Muranda blue cheese, potato herb fritters


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