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This goat dairy located in Interlaken, New York makes some of the best cheese.  This award winning artisinal cheese and dairy won the 2017 American Cheese Society Cheese Contest!  And did you know that Goat cheese has about 30% less fat and cholesterol than cream cheese or similar cow milk products?  It is ideal for people who have difficulty digesting cow milk, such as infants. Goat cheese is also sometimes an acceptable alternative to cow cheese for some people with certain allergies to cow milk.  But the best part is it is just delicious.  Probably because the goats are as happy as Pete.  But the best part, it tastes amazing!

Muranda Holsteins was founded by Tom and Nancy Murray in 1991. Back then the Murray family’s main focus was producing the highest quality milk out of high caliber cows.  Muranda Cheese Company was born in late 2007 when the Murray family decided it was time to direct market their products to consumers. Today the farm helps to produce over 17 types of cheeses that have been recognized for their superior artisanal quality. 

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