Breakfast Menu

Rise & Shine

Endless Coffee

Soul Full Cup roast. Regular or Swiss Process decaf.


Assorted Teas

Various teas



Orange, Apple, Cranberry


Morning Mixers

Bloddy Mary - V8, spices, lime, vodka, celery


Wake It Up

Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal

Brown sugar & cream


Fresh Fruit

Berries, melon....whatever's in season


Yogurt & Granola

FLX yogurt, toasted granola


Muffin Of The Day


Scone of the Day


Break It Up

2 Eggs, Toast, Potatoes

Over easy, medium, hard, scrambled, poached



2 Slces Thick Bacon


Slab-O-Grilled Ham


2 Sausage Links


2 Buttermilk Pancakes


1 Slice Thick Toast


Sapalta Frittata

3 Eggs, chorizo, salsa, Muranda Fiest Cheddar, Potatoes, Grilled Tortillas, hot sauce


Plate It Up

House Smoked Lox

House smoked salmon, house-made English Muffin, House-made Ricotta cheese


Bacon, Egg & Cheese

House made English Muffin, Muranda aged Brittish cheddar, bacon, butter, fried egg


FLX Apple Toast

House walnut bread, Kriemhild butter, Crosswinds Glory cheese, house made apple spread


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