Light Fare Dinner Menu


Soup & Bread

soup crock, house bread


Bread & Butter (for 2)

house bread, Kriemhild butter


Chips & Salsa

corn chips, house salsa


Cheese & Charcuterie Box

Muranda Scallion Cheddar, Lively Run Chèvre, Artisan Speck, Artisan Brickyard Salami, house pickles, house bread, crackers


Soup, Salad & Bread

soup, greens & dressing, house bread




plum jam, garlic, bacon, ham, mozzarella cheese


Shrimp by the dozen

(12)— “peel & eat” Gulf shrimp, Sauer salt, parsley, cilantro, horseradish sauce


Country Salad

greens, sweet tomatoes, Lively Run feta, shallot sunflower dressing, buttered croutons

$8 / $14

House Smoked Fish & Potato Planks

house smoked fish, thick cut potatoes
slow cooked in butter & wine, Muranda Aged
British Cheddar, caramelized onions


The Sheldrake Moon (for 2)

A classic FLX “double creme” brie made by Lively Run Goat Dairy, baked & oozing from its rind, Plum Point jam, dried apricots, house bread


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